Jamaica is a country known for its abundant fun. You can run short of fun especially when it comes to music when in Jamaica. Musical roots in Jamaica can be traced back to the 1600s when the country was colonized by the English.

There are various music festivals held throughout the year featuring a diverse mix of genres such as reggae, ska and rocksteady, soca and many more. All these festivals are meant to bring out the best the Island has to offer when it comes to music. Below are 5 music festivals to experience in Jamaica.

Reggae Month

This music festival is held in February where it’s a month-long event to celebrate this iconic Bob Marley. This festival entails a series of concerts starting from 1st Feb with the climax being on the legend’s birthday on 6th Feb. On his birthday, there is a huge concert which is held at the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston. Other concerts include the famous Birthday bash held in Negril, One love Festival down organized in Montego Bay, Trench Town Culture Yard music even, and many others. February is a month of reggae in Jamaica.

Major Lazer and Friends Music Festival

This music festival is held every December and takes place in the capital city of Jamaica. Major Lazer’s electronic dance music has its roots in Jamaican music. They have a large popularity around the world and at the end of every year; they always bring back music home for their home fans to enjoy. This music festival is open for anyone who wishes to attend.

One World Ska & RockSteady Music Festival

This music festival is held in Kingston every June. This festival is held to celebrate two original music styles from where most Jamaican Musicians and lives get inspiration to come up with soundtracks. This festival is graced by musicians from all over the world since the Ska music has seen embracement by many nationalities.

This type of music has more than 1,500 bands around the world. You get a chance to experience the performance of Ska music from the best bands in the world when you attend this music festival.

Reggae Sumfest

Reggae is the defining music when it comes to Jamaican Music. This reggae sumfest music festival is held around mid-July, and it’s one of the biggest music festivals you don’t want to miss in Jamaica. It’s held in Montego Bay and lasts for a whole week.

The event is graced by top reggae and dancehall artists and will give you a non-stop music for a whole week. One can buy tickets for one night or the whole week that the festival will last. Being held in a seaside town, you can be sure to have the fun of your life for a whole week when you attend this festival.

Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival

This music festival is held in Montego Bay and features jazz, blues, and salsa music performances. The festival is held in January and lasts for one week. The festival is sponsored by Jamaica’s national airline hence the name Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival. Artists from around the world grace the festival and fresh fruit blended drinks are sold during the event.