If you are buying footwear and you have big and wide feet, I am sure that you will be faced with a lot of dilemmas and challenges because, like other people, it would not be easy to find a pair of shoes that would fit your feet perfectly without causing any issues to your feet. Your feet are one of your biggest assets in the game of basketball; they are almost as important as your strong and skillful hands. Since you have wide feet, when you try and fit them into regular-sized shoes, you will find that the sides of your feet will start hurting you more and more. Now that is just inviting pain for absolutely no reason.

https://www.ballersguide.net/best-basketball-shoe-reviews/for-wide-feet/  is a great place to check out reviews. You should go and get your feet professionally measured and then start hunting for some great pairs of shoes that will make you want to play the game even more. In this article, I have provided a list of shoes that are highly recommended for people with wide feet. ballersguide.net is a good place to explore many options, you will certainly what you are looking for. The entire footwear market always seems to forget about the people who are differently able and their issues. They should set up measurement stations and make custom shoes for people who have such issues.  Having wide feet is not an issue, but it would become an issue when you are looking for shoes. These are the top three picks.

1.    The Adidas NEO Cloudfoamlation is one of the best options for people with wide feet. They have a range of wide sizes that are available. They are made from some of the best materials like textiles and synthetics. They are also available in an affordable price range. The best place to purchase this would be on Amazon.com or in an official Adidas showroom.

2.    The Under Armour Jet has a range of options available for people with wide feet. The build of this shoe is amazing and sturdy. It has so many elements in the build, and when you buy it, you will undoubtedly be happy that you did. The price ranges are affordable, indeed. As everyone knows, Under Armour specializes in sportswear and therefore it would be a great idea to purchase their shoes.

3.    The Adidas Crazy Explosive is a good shoe for people with wider feet. This option is a ‘crazy’ one because it is priced a little high than the other ones. Its design is wider and therefore people would prefer to wear it and would be comfortable in it. You can get information here regarding all kinds of basketball stuff.